Bluetooth Splitter Pro is an app designed by Marek Masár. Bluetooth Splitter Pro was first published on November 30, 2020. The app is currently available on the following platforms: Android.AndroidIf you are a proud owner of the Android device, Bluetooth Splitter Pro is compatible . The most current version is 1.7 Before getting Bluetooth Splitter...

Bluetooth Splitter Pro Review

Bluetooth Splitter Pro is an application created by Marek Masár. Bluetooth Splitter Pro was first published on November 30, 2020. It is accessible for Android.


If you are a proud owner of the Android device, Bluetooth Splitter Pro requires . The most current version is 1.7 Before getting Bluetooth Splitter Pro consider content rating:

  • Everyone

Bluetooth Splitter Pro will take up 1.1M of empty space on your smartphone.

We recommend to try trial version of this app first, to see if your device supports multiple bluetooth connections (see limitations bellow).

This app acts like a bluetooth splitter between SPP (Serial Port Profile) Bluetooth devices, like micro-controllers with a Bluetooth module (like HC-05, HC-06 etc...), or other Android devices with Bluetooth terminal app or similar. From version 1.3 connection to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Smart) device is also possible. In such case, user can select one characteristic from list of retrieved services, which will be used for receiving and sending(Rx+Tx characteristic). Connecting to BLE device is only possible on master side of the app, therefore for now, only one BLE device can be connected. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is available only in Android 4.3 and later.

Communication received from master side (master device) is resended/splitted to all devices on a slave side. Splitter app can also act as a multiplexer - combine communication from slave devices to a single output stream to a master device. Furthermore, app can act as an splitter and multiplexer at the same time. Just select behaviour which you need...

This app does not have the function to create commands for remote devices, it simply takes one Bluetooth stream and splits it to multiple streams - or vice versa by multiplexing streams. If you need to define commands and send them to multiple remote devices simultaneously, then there is Bluetooth Commander Pro which can do exactly that.

Just connect to a paired devices. As soon as master device and at least one slave device is connected, splitter becomes active. You can change resending direction or temporary disable it. Connecting to more devices is possible while splitter is active. Combining types of connected devices is possible, BLE device and classic Bluetooth devices can be connected at the same time.

Number of devices on slave side is not limited, however some smart-phones have trouble connecting to many remote devices. Also devices like headsets and Bluetooth speakers are not compatible with this app, since they use different Bluetooth profile. Therefore it is recommended to try trial version first.

Q: Can this app be used for playing music from multiple bluetooth speakers?
A: No, audio devices use different bluetooth profile, neither SPP nor BLE

Q: Can I use the app to connect my smart watch with phone? Or apple device with other devices?
A: Although BLE devices can be connected, one characteristic is not enough for full-featured communication.

Q: Looks like pretty useless app. What is it for?
A: Bluetooth Splitter App is mainly focused on engineers, software developers, electricians working with microcontrollers who have designed/programmed their devices and have them fully under control. Control boards like Arduino or Raspberry Pi often use bluetooth modules for communication. Such modules are mostly SPP and BLE devices.

Found a bug? Missing feature? Just email the developer. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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